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HistWar : Napoléon is a tactical and operational game set in the period between 1805-1814.

Edition Ordonance Officer contains :

  • Edition Colonel General +
  • CD of the final version
  • Painting

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«HistWar : Napoléon» is a tactical and operational game set in the period between 1805-1814.

Live a unique experience: This simulation will put you in the midst of your men as the commander in chief.

When not fighting, build your army and define your military doctrine with the order of battle and doctrine editors.

Here you are now on the battlefield. In a few orders, you position your troops and elaborate a plan that is quickly transmitted down the chain of command to marshals, generals and other officers. In a few clicks you will reposition tens of thousands of combatants.

The battle begins; aides de camp and messengers from your regiments sent to scout bring back the first dispatches.

Alone, concentrating on the center of the battle, you see your troops, their moral high, advance in tight ranks as if they were in a parade. The smoke, dust and fog cover sometimes the horizon. Canon fire can be heard from a distance. It is time to commit the guard to break the enemy line. The map from the high command is in front of you. You indicate where this final push should take place to break your enemy’s will to fight. Your gamble succeeded.

Victory. You just rewrote history. You reminisce on the battles that lead to this decisive confrontation.

Win the war... The evolution of «HistWar : Napoléon».


[the new features of «HistWar : Napoléon» are underlined]

  • Napoleonic battle simulator set in the time period between 1805-1814.
  • Five levels of artificial intelligence to better represent the chain of command and the army structure at the beginning of the XIXth century [Army, Corps, Division, Brigade, Regiment] [1].
  • Accurate and deterministic modeling of combats taking into accounts a multitude of variables such as relative positioning and orientation of the protagonists, the density of the formation, the quality of the regiment, its moral, its fatigue, its valor.
  • An elaborate simulation of the moral taking into account many parameters such as the presence of allied units, their quality, the proximity of the commander, weather effects, the amount of instantaneous or cumulative casualties, secured line of communications…
  • 1 campaign editor allowing the player to define a theater of operations where battles were linked and where outcomes weighed heavily on subsequent battles [2].
  • 1 scenario editor to create specific battles choosing the parameters of the engagement, map and order of battle [3].
  • 3 Map, order of battle and doctrine editors, to make your own battles, create your own armies and doctrine, even modify the distinctive colors of certain regiments [4].
  • Historical battles with 250 000 3D animated models on each side, hence 500 000 infantrymen, cavalrymen, gun crews and hundreds of deployed canons.
  • 20 Historical battles including Austerlitz, Eylau, Friedland, Wagram, La Moscova (Borodino), Hanau, with the possibility of modifying or creating new battles using the game editors [5].
  • 17 military powers are included including France, Russia, Austria, Wurtemberg, Saxony, Poland, Sweden, Italy or Naples, as well as foreign supporting units (Irish, Portuguese, Swiss, Croats…).
  • More than 1300 historical regiments, more than 5000 commanders, more than 600 uniforms, representing a complete database of the armed forces of the era.
  • Units are organized following historical army composition: Corps, Division, Brigade, Regiment, Battalion, and artillery companies.
  • Armies can include up to 110 operational units divided into 11 corps or divisions… as to rebuild replicas of the armies of the era [6].
  • 3 modes of play: in single player against the AI, in multiplayer with up to 16 players, or play by email with two players [7].
  • Game speed variable between 1 and 10, from 6 game seconds per historical minute up to 1 game minute per historical minute. Each turn in a play by email game can be either 15 or 30 min depending on the choice of the players.
  • Large variety of troops including sappers, grenadiers, fusiliers, chasseur, grenzer, old, middle, or young guard, royal guard, cuirassier, gendarme à cheval, carabinier, lancier, dragoon, mameluck,  hussard, cosack, and chasseur à cheval to name some. Large variety of 3D models: colonel, battalion or squadron commander, captain, trumpeter, drummer, standard bearer…
  • 3 types of maps, from 48 km² to 180 km² as to simulate all the battles of the empire.
    • Accurate weather effects (rain, fog, snow) on marching and fighting. The smoke also plays a role, making artillery hold its fire when visibility becomes abysmal.
    • Multiple view points including a 3D view, a subjective view, a symbolic view to get a more global view of the evolution of the battle and a high command map view.
    • There are also other features that are new such as tutorials.
    • A new user interface developed with player input [8].
    • Finally, a lifetime of playtime with a promise of continuous evolution.


    [1]: The division and brigade AI will be implemented in the version 6.
    [2]: Will be added with the version 8 
    [3]: With the version 7
    [4]: The editors will be released and updated throughout the process 
    [5]: 10 battles are available in the initial version
    [6]: The extension to 110 units will be available in the version 7
    [7]: after the version 7, currently limited to 8 players. 
    [8]: The new version will be included in the version 6


«Histwar : Napoleon» development

«Histwar : Napoleon» development detail



Minimal requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows7/ Windows8 / Windows 10.
Processor: Intel i5 (or equivalent)

RAM: 1 Gb + Graphic card memory: 1 Gb

Graphic card: nVidia GTX 650 Ti Boost (or equivalent)

Sound card: Compatible with DirectX
DirectX : 9.0c (shader3)

Recommended requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows7/ Windows8 / Windows 10.
Processor: Intel i7 (or equivalent)

RAM: 1.5 Gb + Graphic card memory: 2 Gb

Graphic card: nVidia GTX 1080 Ti (or equivalent)

Sound card: Compatible with DirectX
DirectX : 9.0c (shader3)