HistWar is a game that takes place at the operational and tactical levels during the period 1805-1814. Live an unique Experience :  this battle simulator puts you at the centre of your army and puts you in the position of the commander-in-chief.

HistWar: Napoleon is the latest evolution of this game system after La Grande Armée at Austerlitz (2001) and HistWar: Les Grognards (2009).

Version 5 is operationnal.

(No extra charge for upgrading towards new versions)

We are working on the next version.

It integrates new improvements:

  1.     Completely redesigned GUI,
  2.     New graphics for a more accomplished restitution with in particular the 1/1 scale where each soldier is represented by his figurine,
  3.     Improved AI with new features: high performance vision operator, Division and Brigade AI, combat resolution, and a brand new move operator that should avoid some major flaws.

HistWar: Napoleon still offers its complete system with 3 editors: maps, doctrines, orders of battle allowing access to many battles.

Six editions are released :

General de Brigade - General de Division - Colonel General

Ordonnance Officer - Aide de Camp - Marshal

Moreover the HistWar community has largely contributed to the extension of the game with several dozen Mods available: graphics but also maps and battle orders. Thus, the Waterloo and Spanish War packs give access to the English, Spanish and Dutch armies...

Future evolutions are specified under the Description