HistWar - Les Grognards

«HistWar : Napoléon» is a tactical and operational game set in the period between 1805-1814.
Live a unique experience: This simulation will put you in the midst of your men as the commander in chief.

To read more about « Histwar : Napoléon » : napoleon.histwar.com


«HistWar : Napoléon» is available under 8 editions:


«HistWar : Les Grognards» is still available under 3 versions : Chappe, Grognards et Napoléon.

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Enjoy a unique experience. Right before the action takes place on the field, build your own Order Of Battle and specify your army’s doctrine. After you’ve joined the battlefield, move your troops, design your tactical plan and send orders to your subordinates – Field Marshals, Generals and others…

Then the battle begins: Aides De Camps and scouts sent forth to observe the enemy are making their first reports. Alone, staring at the heart of the battle, you are pleased to look at high-spirited troops going forward in well-dressed ranks like if they were on parade.

But you then have quickly to deal with smoke, dust and, sometimes, even fog. You are also hearing the guns roaring. It is now time to commit the Guard so as to definitely break the enemy line. Use your Ordnance Survey map and with a simple move point out where the last-ditch action should take place. Bravo! Your manoeuver have been successful! At last, the enemy is retreating and it’s now time for your subordinates to bring back their victory reports: No doubt they will call for both a tactical and a strategic wins!

You did make a mark on the battlefield…


To read more about «HistWar : Les Grognards», you can visit the official website : www.histwar.com.